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Andreas Ruf andreas.ruf at gmx.de
Sun Jul 31 11:31:16 CEST 2016

Dear Gmsh Developers,


I have been using gmsh as preprocessor for my lecture together with the
solver calculix (which uses basically Abaqus Syntax) for some years. It is
very helpful that it is possible to define names of physical groups, now.
However, when using Point Physical Groups they will be output as
"*ELSET,ELSET=Name" in the Abaqus Format. I would suggest to write them as
"*NSET, NSET=Name" instead since they are rather node than an element
groups. There is another thing that confuses my students frequently. When
defining Transfinite quantities there is no graphical feed-back about the
processed entities and particularly on the number of seed points on the
line. So they forget some lines or surfaces in the definition.


Thank you for your good free preprocessor.


Best regards and greetings from Germany,


Andreas Ruf


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