[Gmsh] building 3D mesh from 2D surfaces

Arnauld Malard arnauld.malard at isska.ch
Fri Nov 11 15:48:49 CET 2016

Good morning sir,

I saw your post on Gmsh regarding the generation of a 3D mesh between 
two irregular surfaces (from 2015)
--> see http://onelab.info/pipermail/gmsh/2015/009979.html

Did you finaly fixed your issue?
I have the same challenge - try to convert a geological 3D model 
computed with GoCAD (geological formations are modelled as 3D planes, 
one for the top of the formation, the other for the basement) to a 3D 

I downloaded Gmsh and I start to read the doc - but I did not found the 
way for solving the mesh generation.
Any input from your side would be very kind.

A precision: I am working in a folded context, that means that the 
basement of a formation is not always below the top of the formation - 
especially for reverse folds... Do you think that it could disturb the 
mesh generation process?

Many thanks

Best regard

Arnauld Malard

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