[Gmsh] building 3D mesh from 2D surfaces

Arnaud Trouche trouche at artenum.com
Mon Nov 14 10:29:18 CET 2016

Dear Arnauld,

Following the previous message, the mesh generation problem can be due to an overlapping of elements
(lines, surfaces, ...). This issue can be solved by using the "Coherence" function that will be
executed by Gmsh at each meshing or we can propose another solution, based on our free open-source
product Geficot (http://dev.artenum.com/projects/GEFICOT/download). It is a set of tools to handle
the coherence of geo files. in you case the following command would create the same file with no
duplicated elements :
	./Geficot(.sh or .bat) -d yourFile.geo newFile.geo
The advantage of this solution is that there are some settings to adjust the coherence and it
generates a new geo file (then you don't need the "coherence" in your file and gmsh don't have to
perform the coherence each time you mesh your geometry).

We don't know the software GoCAD but maybe this software generates .msh and not .geo files. If so,
we can propose our free open-source solution MeshToGeo (http://dev.artenum.com/projects/MeshToGeo)
to convert the mesh file to a geometry file to facilitate the edition.

Arnaud Trouche

Arnaud Trouche
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> Good morning sir,
> I saw your post on Gmsh regarding the generation of a 3D mesh between 
> two irregular surfaces (from 2015)
> --> see http://onelab.info/pipermail/gmsh/2015/009979.html
> Did you finaly fixed your issue?
> I have the same challenge - try to convert a geological 3D model 
> computed with GoCAD (geological formations are modelled as 3D planes, 
> one for the top of the formation, the other for the basement) to a 3D 
> volume.
> I downloaded Gmsh and I start to read the doc - but I did not found the 
> way for solving the mesh generation.
> Any input from your side would be very kind.
> A precision: I am working in a folded context, that means that the 
> basement of a formation is not always below the top of the formation - 
> especially for reverse folds... Do you think that it could disturb the 
> mesh generation process?
> Many thanks
> Best regard
> Arnauld Malard

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