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Guilherme Caminha guilherme at praciano.com.br
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This package clearly does not meet my needs. It's just a geometry creation tool which uses gmsh through a system call. It generates a mesh and open it using meshio (another package from the same dev) which does not keep physical nor partition tags. I need both.

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Welcome to PyGmsh's documentation! - PyGmsh 2.4.2 ...<http://pygmsh.readthedocs.io/en/latest/>
pygmsh.geometry ¶ This class provides a Python interface for the Gmsh scripting language. It aims at working around some of Gmsh's inconveniences (e.g., having to ...

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Does anyone know of a Python mesh interface with a built-in distributed data structure (using mpi4py preferably) that works with Gmsh?
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