[Gmsh] Issue with multiple fields ( attractor and thresholds)

Prithivirajan V prithivi.purdue at gmail.com
Wed Apr 26 18:19:50 CEST 2017

Dear Gmsh users,

I am trying to create 3D volume mesh from .STL files that I have. In
addition, I am trying to refine my 3D mesh locally around known points. I
am using 2 sets of attractor /threshold to carry out differential
refinements.However,  I am not able to carry out these two simultaneous
refinements, I am only getting a refined mesh only at one of the locations.

*Could you help me fix this - am I doing anything wrong ?Also, could you
make me understand what precisely the background field does ?*

*An excerpt from the code : *

Merge "F:\Research\Work\Dream3D_v5.1_wrking\Meshfiles\Grain_1.stl";
Surface Loop(1)={1};
Physical Volume(1)={1};
Merge "F:\Research\Work\Dream3D_v5.1_wrking\Meshfiles\Grain_2.stl";
Surface Loop(2)={2};
Physical Volume(2)={2};
Merge "F:\Research\Work\Dream3D_v5.1_wrking\Meshfiles\Grain_3.stl";
Surface Loop(3)={3};
Physical Volume(3)={3};

Field[1] = Attractor;
Field[1].NodesList = {108706};
Field[2] = Threshold;
Field[2].IField = 1;
Field[2].LcMin = 0.75;
Field[2].LcMax = 3;
Field[2].DistMin = 15;
Field[2].DistMax = 30;

Field[3] = Attractor;
Field[3].NodesList = {90000,90001,90002,90003};
Field[4] = Threshold;
Field[4].IField = 3;
Field[4].LcMin = 1.5;
Field[4].LcMax = 3;
Field[4].DistMin = 3;
Field[4].DistMax = 7.5;

Background Field = 4;
Mesh.CharacteristicLengthExtendFromBoundary = 0;

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