[Gmsh] Help understanding MSH file entries while using "Periodic surface with translate "

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Have you looked at the documentation here<http://gmsh.info/doc/texinfo/gmsh.html#MSH-ASCII-file-format> ? It says :
dimension slave-entity-tag master-entity-tag
slave-node-number master-node-number
It looks like your information.

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Objet : [Gmsh] Help understanding MSH file entries while using "Periodic surface with translate "

 Hi there,
    I am meshing a geometry with periodic (translated meshes) boundary conditions along one of the directions (X in my case). I am using
periodic surface with translate to setup the translated periodic meshes. I need help understanding some entries in the Msh file generated specifically the section under "$Periodic" (See attached image, in my case surfaces 1 and 8 are periodic). I understand that in my case their are totally 11 periodic entities -- 5 points , 5 lines and 1 surface and my trouble is in understanding the format of the output corresponding to each of these periodic entities. It will be of great help if some one explain to me what is the format for each of these entities so that I can write a code to read the msh file and generate relevant input files for my finite element solver. I have attached the geo and mesh file.

Thanks again
Ranga Sudarsan
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