[Gmsh] post-processing : first test

paul.carrico at free.fr paul.carrico at free.fr
Wed Jun 21 16:20:39 CEST 2017

Hi ,

I'm performing (first) tests in order to familiarize with gmsh
post-processingformat; still trying to understand some tags, but I've
been noticing visual differences in the mapping.

In the attachment I provide the file (basic 20 nodes hexaedron) and
nodal values:
- using the original fomat, the mapping is not regular (and it should
- whereas if I export it into .pos format, and I reopen the later file,
i seems consistent 

I had a look in the different option, while it is new for me, nothing
has been obvious for me : any suggestion ? 

_Nb_: how can I increase the number of digits in the legend ? 

Thanks for the feedbacks 

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