[Gmsh] R: problems (with opencascade?)

Alessandro Vicini alessandro.vicini at sitael.com
Mon Sep 25 15:13:16 CEST 2017

Any help for my issues...? Pleeease.... :-)


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Oggetto: [Gmsh] problems (with opencascade?)

Yesterday I reported a problem I had when merging "farfield.geo" at the bottom of "test.geo" (both files attached). Now I found out that merging works if I switch to the built-in geometry kernel before (the geometry kernel is set to openCascade at the beginning of test.geo).
There are still two problems, though:

1) The points that are defined in FarField.geo are lost after the merging operation (I only get lines and surfaces, see attached picture where points are red. FarField.geo contains the geometry of the outer shell);
2) If I try to generate the 2D mesh, the code gets stuck in some infinite loop.

Could you please help with these issues? Thank you.


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