[Gmsh] BUG (??) in version 4.5.6

miguel.ariza at artorg.unibe.ch miguel.ariza at artorg.unibe.ch
Tue May 5 12:34:22 CEST 2020

Dear all,

I was using a code I developed in version 4.4 for meshing spheres with tetrahedron. I could modify the characteristic length (max. and min.) and it worked perfectly.

Moreover, I’ve been using this code in different incremental updates and it worked perfectly until version 4.5.3. Yesterday, I updated to version 4.5.6 and the code continues working but with a strange behavior.

Let’s say that I was using a characteristic length of 0.2 for meshing a sphere, in version 4.5.3 this resulted in  ~70k elements. Now, with the same characteristics, this results in 1.000.000 elements!

No matter what I tried, it seems that GMSH’s response was invariant:

  *   Activate/deactivate the optimization of the mesh (it did not change anything)
  *   Modify the characteristic length up to 2 or 4 (it did not change anything). Also, I debugged to be sure that these were the actual values that GMSH received
  *   Try to use a bias in the mesh. Nothing

Perhaps, I missed a major modification in the code from 4.5.3 to 4.5.6 and I need to re-code my libraries… but… Could it be a bug in the code? If so, where? In the meantime, I downgraded to version 4.5.3.

Tested in:

  *   W10
  *   Ubuntu 18.04 in WSL (W10)
  *   Ubuntu 18.04


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