[Gmsh] How to avoid creating defaultFaces in gmsh to OpenFoam conversion?

SAHA, SUDIPTA sahas at email.sc.edu
Tue Jul 28 03:33:47 CEST 2020

I am generating 3D mesh in gmsg from command line in terminal. In the script I am adding following lines for 3D meshing:

Mesh.Algorithm = 2;
Mesh.Algorithm3D = 4;
Mesh.CharacteristicLengthFactor = 0.01;
Mesh 3;
Save "SNF_01.msh";

when I do gmshToFoam, I can see some additional boundary patches are created named as defaultFaces. In constant/polymesh/boundary I can see
       type            patch;
       nFaces          4682;
        startFace       41763839;

I have run checkMesh utility, at it all seems fine. But OpenFoam does not like this default faces being created. So is there any way I can generate mesh file from gmsh that does not produce defaultFaces when I do mesh conversion in OpenFOAM?


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Spent Fuel Modeling Intern, Idaho National Laboratory

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Reacting System and Advanced Energy Research Lab
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