[Gmsh] Does OCC fillet splines?

Kadry Abdelmeguid Karim Hesham Ahmed karim.kadryabdelmeguid at epfl.ch
Wed Jul 29 15:27:50 CEST 2020

Hello Gmsh community,

I am learning how to fillet a volume and I'm running into problems when I use closed splines as faces

I draw a simple closed spline, define a plane surface, extrude it a small distance. I then try to fillet the face curve belonging to the extruded volume and an error appears which says "could not compute fillet".

I also tried various radii to check but it did not work either!

Is the kernel able to fillet spline based edges? I am able to fillet the same extruded volume but with circles just fine. Tutorial 19 only deals with circles as the face being extruded and not splines (only as guidewires) so that's not much help.

I attached  .brep of the volume that I'm having trouble with.


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