[Gmsh] Problem of Conformal Meshing at Volume boundaries

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Typically you need to treat conforming geometry before you treat mesh. Try adding Coherence; in the script prior to meshing. If you could send the geo and log file I can check. My email is sahas at cec.sc.edu


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Subject: [Gmsh] Problem of Conformal Meshing at Volume boundaries

Dear All,

I am having trouble getting conformal meshing at boundaries of volumes. I tried a good number of suggestions found online but failed. For the simple codes tested (listed below and attached), 104 errors appeared. Gmsh 4.7.0 on Ubuntu 19.10 were used. Any help would be highly appreciated.

// Code begins ------------------------------------------------------------------------

mm2m = 0.001;
i2m = 0.0254;
Geometry.AutoCoherence = 1;
Mesh.CharacteristicLengthMin = 0.125*i2m;
Mesh.CharacteristicLengthMax = 0.250*i2m;
Geometry.Tolerance = 0.01*mm2m;
lc  = 0.125*i2m;

a  = 2.0 * i2m;
p1=newp; Point(p1) = { a, 0.0,  a, lc};
p2=newp; Point(p2) = {-a, 0.0,  a, lc};
p3=newp; Point(p3) = {-a, 0.0, -a, lc};
p4=newp; Point(p4) = { a, 0.0, -a, lc};
l1=newl; Line(l1) = {p1, p2};
l2=newl; Line(l2) = {p2, p3};
l3=newl; Line(l3) = {p3, p4};
l4=newl; Line(l4) = {p4, p1};
ll1=newll; Curve Loop(ll1) = {l1, l2, l3, l4};
s1=news; Plane Surface(s1)={ll1};
hh = 0.5*i2m;
id[] = Extrude {0,hh,0} { Surface{s1}; Layers{ 1 }; Recombine; };
v1 = id[1];

p5=newp; Point(p5) = { a/2, 0.0,  a/2, lc};
p6=newp; Point(p6) = {-a/2, 0.0,  a/2, lc};
p7=newp; Point(p7) = {-a/2, 0.0, -a/2, lc};
p8=newp; Point(p8) = { a/2, 0.0, -a/2, lc};
l5=newl; Line(l5) = {p5, p6};
l6=newl; Line(l6) = {p6, p7};
l7=newl; Line(l7) = {p7, p8};
l8=newl; Line(l8) = {p8, p5};
Point {p5,p6,p7,p8} In Surface{s1};
Line {l5,l6,l7,l8} In Surface{s1};

ll2=newll; Curve Loop(ll2) = {l5, l6, l7, l8};
s2=news; Plane Surface(s2)={ll2};
id[] = Extrude {0,-hh,0} { Surface{s2}; Layers{ 1 }; Recombine; };
v2 = id[1];

Surface {s2} In Volume{v1};

v() = BooleanFragments{ Volume{v1}; Delete;}{ Volume{v2}; Delete;};
For i In {0:n-1}
Printf("v(%g) = %g",i,v(i));

Mesh 3;
Coherence Mesh;

// Code ends ------------------------------------------------------------------------


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