[Gmsh] integration, spikes

t.eschner at dokom.net t.eschner at dokom.net
Wed Aug 5 10:12:34 CEST 2020

Dear all,

trying to get acquainted with gmsh/getdp, I stumbled upon two problems  
that I am not able to resolve.

I am trying to model a simple conductive cell with two electrodes, a  
simple one and a structured one. To me, the results look quite  
realistic so far (I am still in the stage of checking), with two  

The first: When I try to calculate the overall current by calling  
plugin(Integrate) on views slightly above the simple electrode, I get  
two different results (for the vector view -8,88 and the x-component  
view -39,9), and neither is close enough to the expected value of  

The second: The current density field has few spiky values that I do  
not know how to cure. Their position seems to be constant, the values  
seem to change with the grid parameters, and it might be getdp-related. 

Please, have a look and give me a hint on how to correct/proceed. Thank you.

Kind regards, Thomas
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