[Gmsh] ?==?utf-8?q? Step model view export as png from command line/script

Zuheyr Alsalihi alsalihi at vki.ac.be
Wed Aug 26 10:19:18 CEST 2020

Thank you so much!!

I am using a geo file with which I can create a  png file using the display but I cannot create 
it online, could you please comment on this?
I have taken the critical points from a post from Prof. Geuzaine's:Extract of the geo file:

< deleted stuff for merging the step files >
Merge "Walls_Unit__0__Wall__6.step";
// display stl mesh of CAD surfaces 
Geometry.Surfaces = 1;
Geometry.SurfaceType = 0;
// display curves as 3D cylinders
Geometry.LineType = 2;
// specify model rotation using Euler angles
General.Trackball = 0;                      
General.RotationX = 0;                      
General.RotationY = 0;                      
General.RotationZ = 0;                      
// print image                                
Print "test.png";      

Many thanks and best regards,

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  Yes, this can be done by 'gmsh' command from the terminer. typically you have to run gmsh by : gmsh filename.geo -  ​('-' will invoke the command mode operation). Now you filename.geo script should contain necessary lines for the desired performance. For example, if you want to construct 3D mesh, corresponding line is Mesh 3. Similarly you can export files by putting 'export' command in the script. The lists are given in the manual.        
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Subject: [Gmsh] Step model view export as png from command line/script Dear Gmsh creators,
Forever grateful for providing us with this fabulous tools and all your effort in support.

I am working with gmsh without user interface in an optimization process where everything is driven with command line gmsh options in shell scripts.

I just want to load the step files, export the resulting view, what I would have seen if I were working with gmsh with display, to png file, and that is it.

Can I do that? 
Thank you very much for reading.
Best regards.

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