[Gmsh] Question about adding new solver in onelab

cean wang ceanwang at gmail.com
Thu Aug 27 03:15:53 CEST 2020

Sorry last post seems not working. It says An HTML attachment was
scrubbed..., So I try to post with another email program. Here it is.

I opened myinput.dat with gmsh and clicked on my solver to solver it, got a
message saying:

Calling ‘“d:\mysolver.exe” -onelab “mysolver”’

Abnormal server termination(Socket listening timeout on socket

I was expecting something like Calling ‘“d:\mysolver.exe myinput.dat”. Like
run in an terminal.

Just wondering does a normal solver exe could be called directly? Or have
to be modified like the Double pendulum in C++ demo solver? But my solver
is an Fortran program.

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It's in the options list, to get to the list:

Open Gmsh -> Help -> Current Options and Workspace

Edit the value
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