[Gmsh] constructing trimmed NURBS surfaces

Banks, Stephen (Energy, Clayton North) Stephen.Banks at csiro.au
Thu Nov 26 07:07:15 CET 2020


How do I construct trimmed NURBS surfaces?

In section F.4 of the documentation, point (1) states Gmsh supports trimmed NURBS surface with the OpenCASCADE kernel. However, I am not able to work out how construct them. I see the addBSplineSurface function, which I have successfully used to construct a NURBS surface, but I don't see how to trim the resulting surface using curves.

For background, I am developing an interface between Rhino3D and Gmsh using the OpenNURBS library and the Gmsh API. This involves translating the geometry from one representation to the other. This question is prompted by me trying translate OpenNURBS Brep (boundary representation) geometrical objects to Gmsh, which is a surface or polysurface with trim curve information.

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