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Getting started

Elmer is an open source (GPL) computational tool for multi-physics problems. It is developed by CSC in collaboration with Finnish universities, research laboratories and industry. To test ONELAB models working with Elmer, you shall need a working installation of the code. The easiest way to do so, is to install the ONELAB virtual machine on your system by following these instructions.

The ONELAB Virtual machine is distributed with Gmsh and Elmer preinstalled. When done with the installation, log in (username: olvm, passwd: olvm) and proceed by downloading benchmark ONELAB models. You have to be online.

  • Open a terminal from the left menu bar.
  • Issue the command getElmerModels.sh -test at the prompt. The model examples listed in the next section are then downloaded in the directory ELMERMODELS. Always execute this command in a new terminal. This command overwrite an eventual already existing ELMERMODELS directory. Valuable data in the latter directory should therefore be copied elsewhere before executing the command.
  • The option -test asks for an automatic check on the downloaded models, which are solved immediately after being downloaded. The result the check is given in the file ELMERMODELS/report.txt.

Information about the individual models are given in the next section. For beginners, a detailed tutorial that leading through the successive steps of a first session with the ONELAB-laser model is available here.

ONELAB models

Cryotherapy : Thermal analysis of the cryogenic treatment of warts

Beam3D : Didactical model of a 3D cantilever elastic beam

Laser : Thermal analysis of laser skin stimulation

Drug patch : Analysis of drug diffusion from a patch into the skin