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Hi Tammo,

my english writing is terrible, but i am thinking about understanding 
your problem; in the wiki don't have any example of that (in LaTeX 

\div(\grad u ) = f  in \Omega
\frac{\partial u}{\partial n} = g in \Gamma

with the condition for unicity:

\Int_{\Omega} u  = 0

warning: a compatibility equation that must be satisfied for the 
parameters functions f,g :

\Int_{\Omega} f = \Int_{\Gamma} g

I attach the solution, that example belongs to Alejandro Angulo,

Saludos y buena suerte!!

PS: in that example:

\Omega = B(0,1)
f  = 1.0
g = -0.5 (go to compatibility equation)

then u = (1/8) - (r^2)/4
that is named uref.

Tammo.Heeren at AlconLabs.com escribió:
> How do I assign a Neumann boundary condition?
> Is that possible in a Form0 function space?
> Tammo  
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