[Getdp] magnetic force

Peter Binde peter.binde at drbinde.de
Thu Aug 14 14:47:06 CEST 2008

Dear all,

thanks to the developers of getdp. After some weeks testing it seems to me
as a very powerful software that I like to use.

My problem is the following: I am trying to calculate the magnetic force on
a core, that is inside a coil with static current. Therefore I have set up a
static 2D vector-potential analysis (like in the getdp-docu) and the results
so far look ok. To analyze the forces now I have searched in the
mailing-list and the wiki but did not find any real answer to how to do

I merely found some approaches in the mailing-list and the best idea seems
to be the integration of the Maxwell stress tensor on the boundary of the
body. But how can this be done in getdp? In the formulation or the
postprozessing or anywhere else?

If anyone could provide me with an example I would be very very glad.

Best Regards,