[Getdp] Magnetic modelling help...please...

Shahab-o-ddin Mokhtari shahab1363 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 1 17:38:23 CEST 2008

Hi Guys,I'm new to getdp...I've read several manuals and searched the web, but I came up with almost nothing...
I have a research about "effect of microstructure (specially soft magnetic phase) on magnetic properties of hard permanent magnets"...can anyone help me with this subject? I'm a material engineering student, so my physical base is not well...If there is anything about "using stoner-wohlfarth model with getdp" or "hysteresis loop"...I'll appreciate that.I've seen this on one of the mailing list posts on 15 March 2007:"There is still some work to do in GetDP to study hysteresis. This is a work we should try to do in the next months."I was thinking...was that works done?!sorry for my weak english...Thanks in advanceShahab-o-ddin Mokhtari

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