[Getdp] GetDP.1.2.1 Asin-Acos-bug

Paul Fulmek fulmek at tuwien.ac.at
Sun Oct 5 13:27:38 CEST 2008

Dear GetDP-masters,

I have found a small bug within the parser-module:
according to the reference manual the Arc-Sine-function should have the 
name Asin[] (with capital A, only), the same naming-convention as with 
gmsh. GetDP-1.2.1, however only knows ASin and ACos (with capital S and C!).
The following changes should correct this small booboo:
line 134: ASin -> Asin
line 136: ACos -> Acos

The main-makefile does not automatically rebuild the binary; it is 
necessary to manually rebuild the parser-module and library.

Thank you for your brilliant work,



Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Paul Fulmek
Technische Universitaet Wien
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