[Getdp] Extraction of isocontours arrays

"Gilles Quéméner" quemener at lpccaen.in2p3.fr
Mon Sep 10 19:27:11 CEST 2012

Hi All,

In fact I do not know exactly if this is a question for GetDP or for
Gmsh ... Therefore I am posting it to both mailing lists.

Assume that using GetDP, I have solved Laplace equation in a 2D domain
with or without holes and that I plot isocontours of the scalar
potential using Gmsh.
I would like to be able to retrieve arrays containing the (x, y)-
coordinates of the points making these isocontours, but I don't know
to get these arrays variables or export the coordinates in ascii files.
In 2D, Gmsh is able to plot a given number of iso-value contours of a
scalar field, thus there should be a way to get these coordinates.

A similar but more complicated problem arises in 3D. In this case, I
would like to obtain arrays of (x, y, z)-coordinates along the lines
corresponding to the intersection of isopotential surfaces with the
different domains surfaces (planar or curved and with or without

Any help is more than welcome.
Thanks a lot,