[Getdp] GetDP integrated in MATLAB?

Thomas_W e0208228 at student.tuwien.ac.at
Thu Sep 13 17:49:32 CEST 2012

Dear all,

my aim is to apply an iterative procedure where I call a PDE solver  
with different coefficients each time and use the output to update the  
parameters. I think of prototyping this algorithm in MATLAB, and my  
question is whether the GetDP solver can be integrated in this  
environment. In the archive entries I did not find any definitive  
answer. So I hope you bear with me asking this global question.

I think of a MATLAB function like this:

1:   function sol = algo(a,filename,options,n)
3:   for i = 1:n
5:    		sol = getDP(a,filename,options);
7:  		if endcriterium(sol) < 0.01
8:			break;
9:  		end
12: 		a = newparameter(sol);
14:  end

Is there any way to integrate the GetDP package in a way like  
indicated in line 5 in the above code?
So that I have matlab strings specifying filename and options as well  
as a providing the INPUT, and the OUTPUT sol being provided by the  
package itself?

As mentioned, I have not seen any example in this direction.
Is it
Does such an example already exist ?
(So probably, if it is possible and not so difficult, it would  
probably GetDP would be of use not only to me, but to many other users  
as well, who use MATLAB for prototyping their algorithms.)

I suspect that the more complicated thing will be to make the  
getDP-function in line 5 managing the interface between the matlab  
vector of the parameter a and the geometric description of parameters  
required by the GetDP package. The matlab vector would just consist of  
one value per triangle in the mesh. By the iterative procedure as  
outline above, it will be adapted in each iterative step. Correct? Or  
would you think this is the easy part of the problem?

Thank you!