[Getdp] FW: Concatenation of field operators

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Tue Oct 16 08:29:19 CEST 2012

Hi Thomas,

I think this cannot be done in the post-processing.
Probably one solution would be to calculate the first gradient
in the Formulation{} part by adding a new quantity (e.g. dv)
and do a kind of protection:

  Galerkin { [ -Norm[{v}], {dv} ]; In All; Integration I1; Jacobian JVol;  }
  Galerkin { [ Dof{dv}, {dv} ]; In All; Integration I1; Jacobian JVol;  }

You have to make sure that v has at least 2nd order basis functions
in order to be twice differentiable. 

I hope this works :-)

Best regards

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Subject: [Getdp] Concatenation of field operators

Dear all,

I try to evaluate the following quantity in the Post-processing part,  
where v is the discretized quantity:
|Grad (|Grad (v)|)|.

I tried variants such as:

PostProcessing {
   { Name The; NameOfFormulation f_v;
     Quantity {
       { Name jj;
         Local{ [ {d  {d v}*{d v} } ] ; In All;Jacobian JVol; }

or also
Local{ [ {d  {Norm[{v}]} } ] ; In All;Jacobian JVol; }.

All these variants yield an error, namely 'syntax error ({)' in the  
corresponding line. It probably has to do with the fact that only v,  
and not Norm[{v}] is the original discretized quantity.

Do you have a solution how to evaluate such a function with GetDP?

Thank you,

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