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Thu Nov 8 11:12:16 CET 2012


I am trying to sweep my calculations over different frequencies. According to previous posts or at least as far as my understanding goes, this has to be done in the Resolution section as shown below: 

Resolution {

{ Name FreqSweep ;
System {
{ Name K ; NameOfFormulation KFORM;} 
Operation {
count = 0;
For Freq In{Freq:300:100}
count = count + 1;

TimeLoopTheta[D_Time0,D_TimeMax,D_DTime[], D_Theta[]]{
IterativeLoop[MAXIT, EPS, RELAX] {
GenerateJac[K] ; SolveJac[K] ; 


This seems to somewhat do the job however, when this displays all the output in the same folder without specifiying to which frequency it corresponds. I have been having trouble trying to use the Print function to either print the frequency used in each TimeStep or to be able to separate my output printing every output in an independent txt. file. Do these kind of loops always go in the Resolution block? even if the actual initial value is assigned in the Function block?

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