[Getdp] Solved: Two parallel​​ uncoupled systems

"Tobias Nähring" i_inbox at tn-home.de
Fri Dec 14 17:20:21 CET 2012

I asked about a coupled system of two pressure fields p and pF on the same
It was possible to solve each of the two separate pde if one commented the other
pde out.
When I tried to solve the coupled system the solver died.

Cause: In the formulation I used the full function space with all basis
functions twice for the definition of the quantities p and pF.
Now, it gives me already a headache when I try to imagine the consequences!
I could not use the same base functions for both quantities, since the boundary
conditions for the two fields are different. Thus, the interior of the domain is
covered twice by base functions.

Solution: Now I use subspaces for the two fields p and pF and the calculation
runs fine.

I have attached the modified working input files for gmsh and getdp.

Thanks to Christophe Geuziane who draw my attention towards the function spaces.

Best regards,
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