[Getdp] Two parallel​ uncoupled systems​

Ruth V. Sabariego r.sabariego at ulg.ac.be
Fri Dec 28 09:58:38 CET 2012

Hi Tobias, 
I've just had a look at your problem.

I've detected to problems in your coupled formulation:
1) You should not split the Equation part in the formulation. This is done implicitly by GetDP when you have two different test functions.
2) You have to define two different basis functions, one for p and the other one for pF.

I attach a working file with this modifications.

Best regards,

On 13 Dec 2012, at 18:06, Tobias Nähring <Naehring at itisim.com> wrote:

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> Please, apologize in the event that against all expectations this e-mail arrives twice.
> Hello, 
> in acoustics-transmissionPars.pro there are two boundary value problems defined 
> which are actually coupled. 
> One of these is hyperbolic and one is parabolic. I wanted to do a frequency 
> analysis of the coupled problem. 
> It did not work. 
> For diagnosis, I decoupled the problems by commenting out the coupling code 
> blocks by one-line comments "\\". 
> The combined model with the two decoupled problems does also not run. Solve[sys] 
> does not work. 
> Thereafter, I created two models (a-p.pro and a-pF.pro). In each of the models I 
> commented out one of the problems. 
> This is possible since both problems are well-separated. Both models run fine 
> and give the expected results. 
> I am using the current stable release of gmsh2.6.1 and getdp2.2.1. (both: 32-bit 
> version) 
> The specs of my computer are: 
> CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40 GHz 3.40 GHz 
> Memory: 8GB 
> System Type: 64 Bit 
> The output of gmsh for acoustics-transmissionPars.pro is attached as file "log" 
> to this message. 
> It would be nice if these problems could be solved until tomorrow. (It would be 
> very nice to have the results on Monday.) 
> Thanks in advance for a fast answer. 
> Nevertheless, I know that I cannot put any kind of pressure on you. If a 
> solution is only later available I would like to konw the reason of the failure 
> anyway. 
> Best regards, 
> Tobias Naehring
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