[Getdp] reading data from msh file

Andre Antunes andre.antunes at tuebingen.mpg.de
Wed Jan 30 02:56:25 CET 2013

Dear all

I am trying to read data from a msh file as input for getdp. (Using GmshRead together with VectorField[XYZ[]] and TensorField[XYZ[]] ) 

It all works fine if there is only one set of data to be read. If I have two sets, only the data that was read last will be used by getdp.

In my case I have a vector field and a tensor field which are stored in $NodeData and $ElementData. I know both fields are read, but it seems the first one is overwritten by the second. Is there a way to store them in different "pointers"?
Under gmsh, they appear correctly as View[0] and View[1]. Is there a way to access them from getdp?

Some documentation on these functions would be very appreciated!

Thank you for your time,