[Getdp] reading data from msh file

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Hi Andre,

quite a while ago I asked Christophe the same question. Here is his answer:

"You can either store multiple "views" in the file, or just call GmshRead several times. Any view that is read will be added to the list. You can access any field by using its index: Field[XYZ[]]{n} uses view "n". You can sum fields efficiently by using multiple indices, e.g. Field[XYZ[]]{1,2,3,4}. If no index is given, the last view in the list is used."

I hope this of some help for you.


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Dear all

I am trying to read data from a msh file as input for getdp. (Using GmshRead together with VectorField[XYZ[]] and TensorField[XYZ[]] ) 

It all works fine if there is only one set of data to be read. If I have two sets, only the data that was read last will be used by getdp.

In my case I have a vector field and a tensor field which are stored in $NodeData and $ElementData. I know both fields are read, but it seems the first one is overwritten by the second. Is there a way to store them in different "pointers"?
Under gmsh, they appear correctly as View[0] and View[1]. Is there a way to access them from getdp?

Some documentation on these functions would be very appreciated!

Thank you for your time, 

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