[Getdp] issue with 2D axisymetric solenoid magnet resolution

Frederic Trillaud ftrillaudp at pumas.ii.unam.mx
Mon Feb 11 21:05:47 CET 2013

Dear all,

I have an issue with the solution of a 2D axi-symmetric problem
consisting of a solenoid magnet. The magnet field is not as expected!

Here are the files to run the model in the example.zip attached folder.

solenoid2D.par -> parameters
solenoid2D.geo -> gmsh geometry
main.pro -> model in getdp
magnetostaticProblem.pro -> formulation

gmsh -2 solenoid2D.geo -msh solenoid2D.msh
getdp main -msh solenoid2D.msh -solve potentialVectorResolution
getdp main -msh solenoid2D.msh -pos fieldMap

Dirichlet is applied on the axis of symmetry and the on the external
shell. A fixed current density is given normal to the cross-section

I have tried with different Jacobian volume, VolAxi and VolAxiSphVolume
but without success in addition to what is included in the given test.

Best regards,

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