[Getdp] issue with 2D axisymetric solenoid magnet resolution

Ruth V. Sabariego r.sabariego at ulg.ac.be
Tue Feb 12 11:01:29 CET 2013

Hi Frederic,
The problem came from your geometry: the physical line for the symmetry and infinity where you define the dirichlet boundary condition was not properly defined.
You have to use the geometrical lines and not the loops.
See the small correction in the geo file. 

Best regards,

On 11 Feb 2013, at 21:05, Frederic Trillaud <ftrillaudp at pumas.ii.unam.mx> wrote:

> Dear all,
> I have an issue with the solution of a 2D axi-symmetric problem
> consisting of a solenoid magnet. The magnet field is not as expected!
> Here are the files to run the model in the example.zip attached folder.
> solenoid2D.par -> parameters
> solenoid2D.geo -> gmsh geometry
> main.pro -> model in getdp
> magnetostaticProblem.pro -> formulation
> etc...
> gmsh -2 solenoid2D.geo -msh solenoid2D.msh
> getdp main -msh solenoid2D.msh -solve potentialVectorResolution
> getdp main -msh solenoid2D.msh -pos fieldMap
> Dirichlet is applied on the axis of symmetry and the on the external
> shell. A fixed current density is given normal to the cross-section
> plan.
> I have tried with different Jacobian volume, VolAxi and VolAxiSphVolume
> but without success in addition to what is included in the given test.
> Best regards,
> Frederic
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Dr. Ir. Ruth V. Sabariego
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