[Getdp] my PMSM modeling with ONELAB 'rotating electric machines' toolbox

Joseph Frippiat frippiat.j at kst.be
Fri Nov 1 21:56:09 CET 2013


finaly, the model of my PMSM is running in GetDP (but it runs only for 1 
rotation and an eighth before GetDP stops with an error).
I had to modify the formulation in 'machine_magstadyn_a.pro' like this :

//JFr      GlobalTerm { [ Dof{Ub}/SymmetryFactor , {Ib} ] ; In DomainB ; }
       GlobalTerm { [ Dof{Ub} , {Ib} ] ; In DomainB ; } //JFr

Before the modification, there was no armature reaction and the voltage 
on the terminals of the load resistor was not correct.
A picture ('results_after_modification.JPG') showing a comparison of the 
result with MagNet is attached to this message.  It shows the effect of 
the modification.



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