[Getdp] my PMSM modeling with ONELAB 'rotating electric machines' toolbox

Joseph Frippiat frippiat.j at kst.be
Sun Nov 3 14:58:47 CET 2013


sorry to answer to my own post, but, to be fair, I have to.
I had to modify the formulation because, to model only one eighth of the 
machine, I multiplied the load resistor by the symmetry factor (as I 
must do with MagNet from Infolytica).  The ONELAB toolbox did this 
'automatically' and I had to remove it to avoid to make this two times 
and to weaken the armature reaction.

I thought, wrongly, that the limitation of the 'one rotation and an 
eighth' was due to GetDP but it wasn't.  It was due to my bad parameters 
for the meshing.



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