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Hello My Friend,
Good day.
Our main business is induction heating, tempering, annealing, quenching, brazing equipment and forging & melting furnace.
Induction heater we can provide: M/F (1-20KHZ)
H/F (30-80KHZ)
UH/F (100-500KHZ)
U/F (20-50KHZ).
Meanwhile, we have automation induction quenching , tempering, annealing, brazing, forging machine line. 
All our machine feature with fast heating, reliable, reasonable price (CE, ROHS certificates) and our sales engineers with great induction heating experience, always can suggest you suitable induction heating solution. Contact us now find your ideal induction heating solution here.
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Lihua Machinery Co., Ltd (HQ office)
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Fax: 0086-769-8238 0903
Cell:0086-159 1833 2589
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