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sorry for the late answer. 
There are several good textbooks regarding EM simulations with the finite element method.
I can recommend the following three:

* "The Finite Element Method in Electromagnetics" - Jianming Jin - ISBN 978-0-471-43818-2
* "Finite Element Methods for Electromagnetics" - John Volakis - ISBN 0-7803-3425-6
* "Quick Finite Elements for Electromagnetic Waves" - Giuseppe Pelosi - ISBN 1-59693-345-3

You can also find a GetDP antenna example at http://onelab.info/wiki/GetDP

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I have been using SPICE simulators for a number of years now and more recently I have become familiar with a number of CAD application.  Now I have just started using EM simulators like NEC-2 and GetDP.  

Apparently I have been shielded from the specifics of all equations used to do the simulations in other programs.  I have compiled and installed both Gmsh and GetDP.  I worked though a tutorial on Gmsh and seem to have gotten the idea of how the CAD and meshing interface work.

I am lost though when it comes to being able to setup a GetDP input file to run even a simple simulation of a dipole antenna.  My question is:  Where can I find a primer or text covering the details of the methods employed by GetDP?

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