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> On 28 Nov 2014, at 10:41, Ulferts, Alexander <Ulferts at inductoheat.eu> wrote:
> Good morning,
> Currently I am working on a model of an induction hardening process consisting of a coil and a work piece to be heated. As alternative I’d like to experiment with GetDP as well. With GetDP I have no experience till now.
> I have some questions regarding the simulation possibilities of GetDP:
> 1.       Two NASTRAN meshes of coil and part shall be imported into GMSH and the remaining air box shall be modeled and meshed inside GMSH. Then this model shall be passed to GetDP.


> a.       Is it possible to feed the coil with a current instead of a current density? How this will be applied?

Sure. You can impose the global current.

> b.      ...
> 2.       Is it possible to work with anisotropic material? E.g. is it possible to define a special material, where a high temperature conductivity is set only in 1 axis? (low conductivity in the remaining 2 axes..).

Yes; all material properties can be tensorial.

> 3.       Is it possible to apply temperature dependent material properties like electrical conductivity and magnetic permeability? How this is done? Are sample files available?

Yes: your material property can be a function of any other field. For example, you could use


in a formulation and have the function sigma be defined as

  sigma[] = ($1 < 760) ? 5e6 : 5.e5;

or any other function of the first argument $1, i.e. the temperature {T}.

> 4.       How the coupling is done with thermal calculation?  (Joule losses are computed by electromagnetic field computation, this value is applied to calculation of thermal field...) Are examples available?

See e.g. http://onelab.info/wiki/Magnetodynamics_with_cohomology_conditions for a 3D example.

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