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I am a Graduate Student at University of Calgary and interested in modeling heat transfer problems. I came across the GetDP application which can do the job. To familiarize with it, I downloaded the package and tried to run the tutorials for Thermal Conduction. But I am getting a Termination error while running those tutorials. I tried running other examples as well but still getting the same termination error (Find below the snapshot for the error messages).

This is a typical installation problem.
For some reason, Onelab does not find the correct path the getdp executable file on your computer.

The important message issued by gmsh is the one just before the Error message.
It should be of the form:

Calling ‘« C:path/to/getdp »   "model.pro"    -onelab "GetDP" /Users/james/.gmshsock2 &'

In your case, the « C:path/to/getdp » is not a path to the executable file of getdp on your computer
but the path to the model file. Which is incorrect.
Probably you browsed to that model file when asked to browse to the executable file.

Several ways to fix this.
Either restart from crash and carefully follow the instructions.
Or You can also open gmsh, click on the Solver menu,
click on the little triangle besides sthe solver name to access solver actions,
remove the wrong solver and edit the solver name and executable location.





I will appreciate your response on how to fix these issues and run the tutorial models appropriately.

Thanks & Best Regards,


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