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Andrius Sukys sukys at kth.se
Tue Oct 16 16:13:27 CEST 2018


I have made a model of 3D Magnetic Circuit. Iron core is modeled as cylinder and coil with a airgap are modeled as cylinders and generated using BoleanDifference. I have merged the geometry with Magnestotatics template and run into some errors:

error : getdp - null determinant in 'changeofcoord_form2'


Error   : Invalid boundary mesh (segment-facet intersection) on surface 4 surface 5, intersection (0.018256,-0.00346128,0.0060024)

Error   : No tetrahedra in region 3 4 35 61 87 113 139 165 300026

Please find the code of Geometry:

What could be the problems?

Kind regards,

Andrius Sukys
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