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Your geometry is wrong
but it is hard to help you.
You have not joined the includes files you use.

Probably, the first step is to get rid
of useless stuff inherited from the « Magnets » model
and the « InfiniteBox » if you do not use it.



Le 16 oct. 2018 à 16:13, Andrius Sukys <sukys at kth.se<mailto:sukys at kth.se>> a écrit :


I have made a model of 3D Magnetic Circuit. Iron core is modeled as cylinder and coil with a airgap are modeled as cylinders and generated using BoleanDifference. I have merged the geometry with Magnestotatics template and run into some errors:

error : getdp - null determinant in 'changeofcoord_form2'


Error   : Invalid boundary mesh (segment-facet intersection) on surface 4 surface 5, intersection (0.018256,-0.00346128,0.0060024)
Error   : No tetrahedra in region 3 4 35 61 87 113 139 165 300026

Please find the code of Geometry:

What could be the problems?

Kind regards,
Andrius Sukys
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