Thanks A Lot.

Gnana Ramdev Kotamraju ramdev at
Fri Jul 31 18:10:00 CEST 1998

Hi,  Christophe Geuzaine,

Thanks a lot for your immediate reply.
As you suggested, the best thing for me is to wait for
the next recent version. Thansk again.

here is what i did to download:
I tried donwloading from netscape and it would not allow me to do
that. then i had to use the On-line ftp [mode set to binary] 
command for your server and download the stuf. I used gunzip and 
tar -xvf to get the files back to the usual format. i read the
README file and set the environment variable to its correct
directory. Do u think that something can go  wrong in following this

I just wanted to let u know what I did . If there is nothing more
that i can do on this, i will only wait for the new release.
Will it be possible for you to send me an email when the latest
version is ready? or do u suggest freequent visits to the web-server?
please let me know and I sincerely appreciate your help

you have a nice weekend and thanks again

> Hi Kotamraju Gnana Ramdev,
> > I am a Graduate Student at the Dept. of ASE/EM , Univ. of Texas
> > I downloaded the Gmesh s/w from your webserver[unix version] and
> > I am now unable to run it on my AIX m/c [IBM RS600]. I have set the
> > GMS_PATH environment variable and still its not working.
> > here  is the type of error messages I am getting..
> > -----------
> > Could not load program gmsh
> > Symbol _XtToolkitInitialize in csh is undefined
> Some people installed this version on a RS-6000 and didn't encounter any
> particular problem. The easiest thing to do is perhaps for you to wait a
> little bit: the new version (consisting of separate libraries to be
> linked by the user) will be available soon (next month).
> Best regards,
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