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Sun Aug 2 20:14:27 CEST 1998

On Sun, 2 Aug 1998, Christophe Geuzaine wrote:

hi Christophe Geuzaine ,

> All you have to do to build this library is go to the widgets-sgi
> directory and invoke make with the argument you used to build the other
> libraries. Normally, you automatically get libGLw.a in ../lib. 
I did not get it automatically.
so i had to go to widgets-sgi and create it 
i did this and then i asked gmsh to make.
it found the errors that I listed previously.

> Are you sure of the location of the libs (given by -L../../Mesa-2.6/lib)
> ? What is 
> "-lMesm" ?
I am sure and they are correct
this "-lMesm" is what is being wrapped by by "cut and paste" sequence that i 
used to include the error messages in the mail..sorry about that confusion.

I want you to let  me know about the following..

1) which file should I use to untar/gunzip if i want my gmsh to run
on aix? and on Sgi? and on a DEC? Are there differentfiles or I just
use the same aix version u have in the ftp site???

2) what do i do if my system MESA libraries are build on a LINUX m/c?
can i still use your Gmsh to make a executable???if so what file
should i untar?

3)is this widgets-sgi directory specific to SGI m/cs? if so, is there a way
i can make an AIX version of libGLw.a ?

sorry for the trouble. shall be waiitng for your mail

thanks again

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