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Fri May 18 11:30:32 CEST 2001


"Dr. Hans-Peter Geromiller" wrote:
> Do you offer a mesh generator for generation of finite-difference grids
> ?

Gmsh is primarily an unstructured mesh generator (triangles/tetrahedra
with no predefined ordering relations between the elements). If you plan
to implement "standard" finite difference schemes, I guess you would
rather look for a structured mesh generator ("ordered"
quadrangles/hexahedra)... Gmsh can generate such meshes, but its
possibilities in this area are *very* limited (only simple transfinite
or elliptic meshes can be generated). Though, you may download the
sofware and take a look at the sixth file in the tutorial, which will
show you the possibilities of Gmsh in this area.

> What about the licence conditions for purely academic use of your
> software ?

It is completely free. The only think we ask if you use it is to mention
it in your work.

> Do you offer a post-processor for graphical presentation of results as
> well ?

Yes. Some examples are shown on the web page

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