[Gmsh] question: creation of quadrangles and hexahedrons only

Christophe Geuzaine Christophe.Geuzaine at ulg.ac.be
Wed Aug 15 16:49:25 CEST 2001

Andre4 Gro_e-Wvhrmann wrote:
> Dear Christophe,
> I would like to create meshes consisting of quadrangles and hexahedrons only.
> Is it  possible to force gmsh to do so ?

It is possible, but not for completely general meshes (we have no fully
automatic hexahedral mesh generator in gmsh). You will have to
use the transfinite algorithms for the surfaces and/or the volumes (see
e.g. tutorial/t6.geo) and/or the extrusion facility (see e.g.
tutorial/t3.geo). I strongly recommend that you wait a few days
(tomorrow if I have some free time) for the next release of gmsh, since
there is a very serious bug in version 1.22 leading to erroneous 3D
extruded meshes.


> I need it as input for further sofware.
> Thanks in advance,
> Andre4 Gro_e-Wvhrmann
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