[Gmsh] Finite Element Links at www.geuz.org

Numerical Objects AS nobjects at nobjects.com
Mon Aug 20 14:56:08 CEST 2001

Dear Jean-Frangois Remacle,

We have registered your web site


at our PDE Portal http://www.pdeportal.com.

Numerical Objects' PDE Portal is a searchable and 
categorized index to several hundreds of high quality web 
sites focusing on technologies for partial differential 

Our site is also the home of Diffpack, which is a software 
tool for FEA and simulation used by leading corporations 
and universities world-wide.

We ask you to consider if Numerical Objects' web site or 
the PDE Portal would be of interest to the visitors at 
www.geuz.org. If so, we kindly ask you to include 
appropriate descriptions and links to these resources at 
your site as well.

We hope the listing at the PDE Portal will increase traffic 
to your site, and encourage you to visit the portal and 
review your entry. We also ask you to keep us informed if 
there are changes to your site that we should incorporate.

Best regards,
Erlend Arge
PDE Portal Administrator