[Gmsh] (Saturated Vector Display || Logarithmic)&&(Windowsize)

Christophe Geuzaine cgeuzaine at ulg.ac.be
Mon Feb 5 14:27:35 CET 2007

Kubicek Bernhard wrote:
> Hello!
> Yesterday, I took time to fool around even more with the source-code. 

Hello Bernhard,

> * One very minor inconvinience is that if one tries to position the
> Value-Scale via the GUI, one cannot exceed pixel-positions larger than
> +-1024. As windows meanwhile can possibly be larger, I added a const int
> so this can be increased by one single variable. 

Indeed. I've increased it to 2000.

> * A much more handy feature could be this: I added the ability to
> saturate vector views, meaning that vectors whose length are out of
> range get trimmed instead of being ignored. As well, I modified the
> proportional-vector-logartihmic display, so that it works on my local
> machine (before, it could be misused as a very sophisticated psychedelic
> art generator e.g. logerror.png).
> Attached are two diff-files which are hopefully usefull to visualize the
> source-code difference.

Are you still happy with this patch? If you think this is the way to go,
could you generalize it so that it works for both COG- and vertex-drawn
arrows? Then I'll merge it into the trunk.

> However, there are two strange things that were found by my collegue
> yesterday:
> * Our (1/2D) geometry is not visible in PNGs created with Print
> Sprintf("... .png") from within in a geo script. However, in the gl
> window the geometry is displayed, but only  _after_ the Sprintf command.
> * Loading an old gmsh-1* geometry file (which for some reason re-uses
> IDs for different Objects, e.g. Point(1) and Line(1) ) many elements are
> missing in the visibility-window's list. However, the geometry appears
> to be 100% correct in the opengl window.

Can you you send the file?



> I have to admit that we did not have time yet to check with a different
> geometry file.
> Hopefully this is helpful,
> nice greetings,
>  bernhard
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