[Gmsh] Problem with 2D meshes

Min Yan miya at kth.se
Mon Feb 12 12:14:53 CET 2007

Dear list,

I have some problem with *2D SECOND-ORDER* meshes generated by Gmsh v2.0. My
stand-alone code was doing fine with both msh1.0 and msh2.0 files saved by
Gmsh v1.65, but fails for those saved by v2.0. I tried to open and re-save
the 'problematic' meshes in Gmsh v1.65 (open and display fine) and that did
not help a bit.

I'm not completely sure (over 50% in confidence however) the fault is at
Gmsh 2.0. However if anybody have solved the same problem without any crash
when migrating from Gmsh 1.65 to v2.0, do let me know.

Min Yan
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