[Gmsh] IGES and STEP import

Christophe Geuzaine cgeuzaine at ulg.ac.be
Mon Feb 26 11:03:36 CET 2007

David Felsenthal wrote:
> I have been able to import step and iges files. This is wonderful. For 
> some reason my iges files are meshed without volumes, as surfaces only. 
> my stp files are fine. If you would like, I will send you the files. 
> They are not large, but may be too big to send to the list.

Hi David - yes, please send the files: if it's a bug they could help
track it down.

> When importing files that are made of multiple bodies or volumes I would 
> like to have shared nodes generated automatically. Is there a way to do 
> this that I am missing?

What do you mean by "shared nodes"? If these multiple bodies or volumes
share some geometrical entities (points, curves or surfaces) then the
nodes discretizing these entities will be shared automatically.


> Thanks,
> David
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