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You really don't need excel for this. Apart from a general dislike of Microsoft stuff, the reason is the following:
you can create a parameterised .geo file in which you create the geometry automatically. In this geo, you include a parameter file, e.g. parameters.txt where you have all parameters defined:
Thats easier and more versatile than excel, you can use any Texteditor you want, even Microsoft notepad.

I hope this suits you,
nice greetings,
Bernhard Kubicek

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Thank you for your answer, the error message does not appear any more.

I have another question, I hope you help me.

I want to rely a geometry made by GMSH to a page of Excel.

For example:

If I do in GMSH:




For i In {1:nc+1}

Point (i+10) = {0, ytabnc[i], 0, r};



Ytabnc[i], nc and r are values existing in a table in Excel.


If it isn't possible with Excel, is it possible with another software?

My aim is to create a tool trade for those who aren't familiarized with
GMSH, they only give dimensions and 'geometry' and 'mesh' will be created.


Can you refer me to persons who work similarly?


Please send me if you answer to the following address email: 


bouassid at cermes.enpc.fr


Best regards



Yosra Bouassida


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