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Sun Oct 21 10:23:03 CEST 2007

augusta.neto at dem.uc.pt a écrit :
> Hello,
> I am a Professor in the University of Coimbra Portugal and right now i am finish
> a postdoc in the Utah state university.
> I am trying to find a mesh program that can be called from fortran enviroment to
> generat geometry and mesh, This is for shape oprimization for example. You think
> that this it will be possible with the Gmsh program?
Yes, indeed.  Gmsh is written in C++, but easy bindings to fortran could 
be done.
There is a way of building of gmsh without the GUI. If you don't want to 
use the full
GUI version, a good starting point is Box/Box.cpp. This gives you the 
main pointers to the meshing
routines: Box/Main.cpp is the main routine called when running the
non-GUI version of Gmsh, i.e., the version configured with --disable-gui.

JF Remacle

> thanks in advance for you help?
> Maria
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