[Gmsh] dynamic remeshing

Edgar Last edgar-chat at live.com
Sat Feb 16 10:12:16 CET 2008

I want to simulate two (elastic) bubbles rising in a cylinder filled with water. The  tetrahedral mesh is moving together with the fluid which is dragged upward in the vicinity of the bubbles. Of course the mesh quality decreases during the process, resulting in highly irregular or even degenerated elements.
I am looking for a very fast remeshing algorithm that establishes a good mesh quality whenever it has become worse than some threshold. Is such a remeshing available in gmsh? Or some other open source 3D mesh tool?
What is the basic idea behind remeshing algorithms? Do they invalidate those elements that are quenched too irregular, maybe together with some more elements in their vicinity, and then a new mesh is created in the invalidated region? Or can such a recycling of most parts of the mesh not be performed efficiently, and the complete mesh has to be regenerated instead?
Please give a few links where the basics of remeshing are discussed on a not too sophisticated level.
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